Research Papers On Gun Control

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Measures that prohibit people who committed a violent crime from owning a handgun are associated with an even larger reduction in homicide, 18 percent.

Conversely, requiring police to approve concealed-carry permits unless the applicant meets explicitly stated exclusion criteria—so-called “shall-issue” laws—are associated with a nearly 10 percent Four types of laws were associated with the suicide rate, but only two had statistically significant relationships with it after controlling for all 10: permitless carry laws and bans on junk guns (these laws prohibit the sale of handguns that fail to meet certain safety requirements).

who were to report on national systems of civilian firearm regulation every two years.

The provisions of this declaration recommend that the signatories would establish the illegal possession of small arms and light weapons as a criminal offence under national law in their respective countries.

It’s not just that gun control works—and it does, according to the study—it’s that particular kinds of gun-control measures are significantly more effective than others.

In fact, three types of restrictions are most effective, individually and in combination, in reducing the overall homicide rate.

And a meta-analysis of more than 130 studies across 10 nations found strong evidence of the same.

But this new study scrutinizes how different types of gun laws—alone and in combination—affect homicides and suicides.

The study examines 10 different types of measures, including universal background checks, age limits for handgun purchases, concealed-carry laws, assault-weapon bans, prohibiting purchases for those who have committed violent crimes, stand-your-ground laws, and bans on large-capacity ammunition magazines.

The study tracks the effects of the 10 gun laws below on gun deaths between 19, while controlling for factors like gun ownership, the overall violent-crime rate (excluding homicide), alcohol use, unemployment, poverty rate, and density (at the state level), all of which affect the rate of gun deaths.


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