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Word exposures should be done in ways that engage different senses: The student should read the word, write the word, hear the word, and say the word.

To tap into multiple modalitiesin vocabulary study, Steven A.

I love that Vocabulary Spelling City allows students the individual time they need for tests, gives the students immediate feedback, grades the tests, and keeps all the data organized and logged for me.” This chart illustrates the ‘spacing effect’: the top trend line represents the learning curve over time using spaced practice, and the bottom trend line represents the learning curve over time after a single instance of learning.

How can teachers accommodate a learning cycle of practice, review, and revisit with the challenges of a classroom schedule?

Immediate feedback corrects students’ thinking, guides their thought process, and celebrates success, improving the effectiveness of their vocabulary instruction.

Students who learn from mistakes take ownership of their learning.“Games not only add fun to the teaching and learning process, but also provide an opportunity to review the terms in a non-threatening way.After the class has played a vocabulary game, the teacher should invite students to identify difficult terms and go over the crucial aspects of those terms in a whole-class discussion.” According to Lockavitch, author of Lockavitch and other educational researchers say that providing multiple engagements with new words over an extended period is necessary to commit them to long-term memory.Students benefit from both audio support and immediate feedback, while using Vocabulary Spelling City.When students hear a word, its syllables, its sounds, its definition and the word being used in context, word knowledge accelerates.User-based, unlimited access enables teachers to assign student tasks that are tailored to specific word lists and tracked over time, with records of students’ activities and progress.Strategic word selection is imperative if teachers are to differentiate word lists.Vocabulary Spelling City’s learning activities deliver content through audio and visual modalities.Additionally, Vocabulary Spelling City’s learning activities provide practice with both open-ended and closed responses, enhancing vocabulary study.This is where Vocabulary Spelling City comes to the rescue, providing meaningful practice for teachers to integrate into their existing vocabulary study curriculum.After you explicitly teach the vocabulary words, students use our site to hear, say, read, write, and play with their words through engaging learning activities, leading to better vocabulary retention.


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