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In addition, the paper derives a closed form relationship between the prices of variance swaps and VIX futures. Read More » According to the Recovery Theorem (Ross, 2015), options data can reveal the market’s true, contemporaneous expectations about a specific future horizon.We implement empirically the theorem’s approach to separate implied (risk-neutral) volatility into 1) Ross-recovered true expected volatility and 2) a risk preference component, using Optionmetrics Ivy option data for the S&P500 index and four European indices (FTSE, CAC, SMI, …

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We examine the cross section of delta-hedged equity option returns for Optionmetrics stock for the period January 1996 to April 2016.It is, however, consistent with the implied volatility spread capturing private information, based on its ability to forecast future cash flow growth and discount rate shocks.Read More » We establish bounds on Black-Scholes implied volatility that improve on the uniform bounds previously derived by Tehranchi.Read More » Measures of short sale constraints and short selling activity strongly predict stock returns.This apparently exploitable predictability is difficult to explain.Moreover, OTM options displace other types of lottery securities in the stock and option markets when available.We find evidence that uninformed traders (e.g., gamblers) may drive lottery …Far more corporations list their stock on the NYSE than on the AMEX, however.Nine smaller regional stock exchanges operate in Boston, Massachusetts; Cincinnati, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, California; and Spokane, Washington.In addition, most of the world's industrialized nations have stock exchanges.Among the larger international exchanges are those in London, England; Paris, France; Milan, Italy; Hong Kong, China; Toronto, Canada; and Tokyo, Japan.


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