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Because of the vulnerability of the original design of the Internet, it’s hard to find the actual hackers at present.In this paper, we propose a novel mechanism for IP Traceback Mitigating Flooding-Based DDo S Attacks by Stochastic Fairness Queueing FREE DOWNLOAD [PDF] Y Ming ,Abstract Flooding-based DDo S attacks is a very common way to attack a victim machine by directly or indirectly sending a large amount of malicious traffic to it.

It is extremly hard to traceback the attackers because of memoryless feature of the internet routing mechanisms.

As a result, there is no effective and efficient method to deal with this An Entropy Based Approach to Detect and Distinguish DDo S Attacks from Flash Crowds in Vo IP Networks FREE DOWNLOAD [PDF] N Jeyanthi , Abstract Voice over IP (Vo IP) is a facility of providing voice services in accordance with IP (Internet Protocol) which provides better Qo S (Quality of Service) than Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) at comparatively less cost..

The essential difference is that instead of being attacked from one location, the target is attacked from many locations at once.

The distribution of hosts that defines a DDo S provide the attacker multiple advantages: Modern security technologies have developed mechanisms to defend against most forms of Do S attacks, but due to the unique characteristics of DDo S, it is still regarded as an elevated threat and is of higher concern to organizations that fear being targeted by such an attack.

In both instances, the Do S attack deprives legitimate users (i.e.

employees, members, or account holders) of the service or resource they expected.

A Denial-of-Service (Do S) attack is an attack meant to shut down a machine or network, making it inaccessible to its intended users.

Do S attacks accomplish this by flooding the target with traffic, or sending it information that triggers a crash.

Given a desired attack volume N, the attacker may mount M separate attacks each with N/M packets Robust and efficient detection of DDo S attacks for large-scale internet FREE DOWNLOAD [PDF] – Computer Networks, 2007 , Elsevier Compared to IP traceback and egress In [6], Wang et al.

proposed to detect TCP SYN flood by using the ratio of the number of TCP SYN packets to the number of TCP FIN and RST packets.


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