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The world of data centers and IT has been historically been one of gradual evolution, but events and capabilities that have emerged over the past 3-5 years present both a challenge, and opportunity to the IT organization. The case for a re-envisioned data center is being made every day, and at an increasingly urgent pace.

Growing technology demands, transforming global economics, corporate efficiency initiatives, and required business agility are among the drivers making change not merely a strategy, but a prerequisite for survival.

In areas other than data mining, concept hierarchy is commonly called taxonomy.

We adopt the term concept hierarchy because of its popularity in the community of data mining and knowledge discovery....

These nodes are, in effect, discrete virtualized computing resources in a box.

However, they are typically grouped together to provide resiliency, high performance, and flexible resource pooling.[tags: Data mining, Data warehouse, Star schema] - Data mining and Data warehousing are used daily in a wide variety of contexts.In today’s corporate world, decisions must be made rapidly and with the maximum amount of knowledge.The "build-or-buy" decision between construction and colocation should be weighed carefully.This executive report will review six key factors that affect that choice, some of which extend beyond a basic TCO analysis.To help align their strategic and business goals with their use of technology, Nissan chose Red Hat JBoss BRMS to replace their legacy system.Software-defined infrastructure is no longer the future. In this hyperconvergence overview, we provide a quick overview of what hyperconvergence is and how data center architectures benefit.- Concept hierarchies organize data or concepts in hierarchical forms or in certain partial order, these are used for expressing knowledge in concise, high-Ieve1 terms, and facilitating mining knowledge at multiple levels of abstraction.Concept hierarchies are also utilized to form dimensions in multidimensional databases and thus are essential components for data warehousing as well.This paper details the impact of Unified Information Access (UIA) in improving the agility of information-driven business processes by bridging information silos to unite content and data in one index to power solutions and applications that offer more complete insight.As organizations continue to virtualize their infrastructures to gain higher levels of operational efficiency, VM sprawl and resource utilization are two key factors that can quickly create havoc for IT admins.


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