Research And Development Papermaking Industry

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Better tool and die materials with improved heat-extraction capabilities would be useful."The trial shows that newsprint can be manufactured with a total energy consumption of approximately 1,500 k Wh / ton, which was 900 k Wh / ton lower than the reference, ie. All paper properties except tear strength were better for the demo mass compared with the reference paper.The printing properties such as runability, dusting, saturation, imprinting were as good for the demo paper as the reference paper." The research projects in e2mp have generated many published scientific articles.In cooperation with the forest companies Holmen, SCA and Stora Enso, the Mid Sweden University has conducted extensive studies in the paper industry to improve technology and save energy in the production of printing paper and cardboard.Through increased basic process understanding we can significantly change and improve the manufacturing process.The market-pull for these technologies has increased with growing concerns about, and the need for, reductions of greenhouse gases.A parallel program is addressing the development of wettable ceramic-based materials for retrofitting existing cells to provide a stable, molten-aluminum, wetted cathode surface on top of the existing carbon cathode blocks, thereby improving efficiency.For example, by softening of the wood through increased temperature combined with the addition of small amounts of sulfite and increased intensity in wood refining, the energy efficiency of the refining step can be significantly increased.This allows removal of subsequent process steps, screening and reject refining, making the process both easier and more effective.A unique study shows energy savings of 25 percent using smart process optimization.Our research group High yield pulping technology is now finalizing the research profile e2mp - energy effiency in mechanical pulping.


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