Reflective Account Essay

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A reflective essay is a piece of writing in which you analyze your personal experience, reflect on how it changed your life, and what conclusions for the future can you draw from what you’ve learned. The goal here is obtaining self-knowledge, by stopping to think about your memories, your values, and where do you want to go from the present moment onward.

It’s always better to have an overabundance of material.

The best piece of advice on that is to avoid cliches.

But the purpose is not just to say what happened – that’s descriptive essay’s job.

The true goal here is to ponder the significance of your experiences and think how they changed you and you’ve learned from them.By writing your thoughts down, you pursue some kind of deeper truth, about yourself and the world.Many great men and women (like Charles Darwin or Frida Kahlo) had a habit of keeping a journal.If you’re writing an academic paper, you’ll have to be more direct and for example, say: “what follows, are my reflections on what I’ve learned about life during the first year of college”.In this part, you talk about your actual experiences, memories, and important events in your life.Once you have the idea, you can follow a simple process: If you’re writing an assignment, you’ll probably receive the prompt from your professor. This may be something like: a) Reflect on what did you learn during your first year of high school.b) Think about your favorite book and how it changed your life.This will serve as a raw material from which you’ll sculpt a piece of prose.b) Consider the attractiveness of your topic from the reader’s point of view.You certainly don’t want to bore anyone so pick something interesting, but important.c) Organize your essay and divide it into a couple of paragraphs. d) Decide in which sequence you would like to share your ideas. e) Jot down any side notes you may want to include in the essay.


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