Racial Discrimination Employment Research Paper

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Federal contractors and employers who list "Equal Opportunity Employer" in their ad discriminated as much as other employers.

Some qualities that we might think would level the playing field had minimal effects.

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The results of this study indicate that, all other things being equal, race is still an important factor in the American labor market.

A black applicant's race certainly has negative effects on their employment prospects on average.For resumes with black-sounding names, the higher quality resumes did not receive significantly more callbacks.White individuals living in richer, more educated, or whiter neighborhoods also have higher callback rates, but black individuals do not benefit any more than white individuals from this neighborhood effect.In total, the researchers produced 24 studies with 30 estimates of discrimination for black and Latino Americans, collectively representing more than 54,000 applications submitted for more than 25,000 positions.They concluded that, on average, “white applicants receive 36% more callbacks than equally qualified African Americans” while “[w]hite applicants receive on average 24% more callbacks than Latinos.” They also found no evidence of changes over time in rates of hiring discrimination for black people, with anything but the slight possibility of “a slow decline” ruled out by the studies.Results found that résumés with white-sounding names received 50 percent more callbacks than those with black-sounding names, indicating that, all other things being equal, considerable racial discrimination exists in the American labor market.Racial discrimination continues to be pervasive around the world, and, in particular, in the United States.Professors Mullainathan and Bertrand examined the level of racial discrimination in the labor market by using a randomized field experiment.Nearly 5,000 resumes were sent in response to over 1,300 newspaper ads for sales, administrative, and clerical jobs in Boston and Chicago.For example, there is evidence that the returns to improving credentials for white applicants are much higher than for black applicants.For resumes with white-sounding names, higher quality resumes received 30 percent more callbacks than low quality ones.


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