Rabbit Hole Essay

As she floats down, she notices that the sides of the well are covered with cupboards and shelves.

She pursues him out of pure curiosity but believes that catching him will give her some new knowledge or satisfaction.

Even when the outcome is unknown, the act of chasing implies that a desired goal exists.

She tests the key again and finds that it opens up to a passage and a garden.

Since the door is much too small for Alice to squeeze through, she ventures back to the table with the hope that she might find something there that would help her. Alice drinks the contents of the bottle after inspecting it to be sure it does not contain poison.

The plunge into the rabbit hole represents a plunge into deep sleep.

Her dreams create a fully formed world that constantly shifts and transforms with its own unique logic.

Unhurt, Alice gets up and catches sight of the White Rabbit as he vanishes around a corner. The doors are all locked, so Alice tests them with a key that she finds on a glass table.

After searching around, Alice discovers a small door behind a curtain.

As her sister reads, Alice nods off into a dream-like state in which she seems to catch sight of a fully dressed white rabbit capable of speaking English.

Even before she enters Wonderland, she experiences phenomena that depart from the conventional rules of the real world.


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