Productivity Thesis

If you make it difficult to do distracting things, you’ll find that you won’t fall into them quite so readily.Pomodoro is not so much an app as a way of being (but there’s an app as well).If you have to do something that will be difficult, unpleasant or annoying, do it first thing.

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The study used exploratory factoranalysis for scale validation.

PLS-SEM was used to validate and testthe conceptual model.

Sleeping well improves the quality of your health, mood, mind and ultimately your thesis, so don’t sacrifice it!

Purpose - This study seeks to explore the value creation opportunities offered by e-HRM practices.

It’s a very simple way of keeping you focused and getting yourself really productive.

You just set a timer for a 25-minute session of work. The timer goes off after the set time and you get a short break (five minutes).

If you get a buzz every time you get a text, tweet, like or post, it’s time to wean yourself off the instant hit.

Turn off all notifications from your screen and learn to switch your phone to aeroplane mode when you’re working.

What do athletes, entrepreneurs, nutritionists and your mum all agree on?

That eating breakfast is the best way to start your day. You might feel like you should roll out of bed and into your desk chair, but you should start off with a big glass of water and a decent breakfast. A huge part of productivity is your work environment.


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