Problems With Writing A Research Paper

But a lot of authors leave it up to the reviewer to understand ‘why’ the problem is so important and challenging, which is a big mistake.

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Your paper should be like an orderly chest of drawers, with each distinct item in its own place.

Careful proofreading and editing is the number one way to improve your writing. Careless errors, clunky phrases, spelling mistakes, and deplorable grammar abound. If what you've written sounds wrong to you, it's not going to sound any better to anyone else.

Don't tell me something was "really bad." Explain what made it bad. "Cherokees in southwest Georgia in the 1820s" is specific. The vast majority of "organizational" problems occur when writers do not keep related material in the same place.

Avoid constructing categories so general that their comprehensiveness renders them questionable and even meaningless. Or, the "American people" or "French people" or "Japanese people" as a whole have never agreed on a single thing. Thoroughly discuss a topic, then move on to a different point.

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There seemed top be much more comments about grammer than need be." Sadly, that student believed I was concerned only about grammar and other writing issues, and he obviously did not share my passion for them.For example, if you are optimizing a current solution, showing the impact of those optimizations on the outcome can certainly help make a good case for your solution.The longer the research paper, the more challenging it becomes to keep readers engaged until the end. A strong research question is at the center of a good research paper.Papers that are written based on such projects should thus define their primary research question as the basis of the paper.A good research question is specific, original, and expresses a strong perspective on one focused topic.A good thesis does two things: it will state in affirmative terms what you intend to prove in your paper (its main point), and it will lay out a plan for accomplishing this.Here's an example thesis: Students often try to do too much with a particular piece of writing (short essay or longer research paper).It is disappointing to see authors who, after putting in so much of time and effort into conducting their research, make peace with their work being judged based on styling or linguistic errors, rather than its scientific merit.Successful researchers understand that communicating your research effectively is as important as conducting solid scientific research.Use data to state why the problem is so important, how the current solutions are falling short to solve it, and why it is a difficult problem to solve.Similarly, just stating the solution to the problem is not enough.


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