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I was in my early twenties, and I did not have experience buying a home.

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Unfortunately, I did not check out the neighborhood, and I had no ideas what I would be getting into with my future neighbor.

Having an unreasonable, greedy, and trouble-making neighbor next to me created miserable conditions, and I had to figure out the solution to our problem.

The house was located on a small and quiet street at the end of a cul-de-sac of average-priced homes.

We fell in love with the place instantly because it met all of our requirements.

Since there is one root cause (a bad neighbor) there is one root solution.

The alternate solutions are mixed into the body of the essay, but the ultimate solution is separate, and explained in the penultimate two paragraphs.I could have called the animal control, but I didn't want something else to happen to my property, so I kept quiet, hoping he would leave us along.One afternoon while my mom and my grandma were working in the backyard, they were in fear when they saw an object fly across from his backyard and land next to my grandma.As we are growing up, most of us dream of having a family and a nice comfortable residence.Buying a house is a big and difficult decision; most people go through a lot of planning when they do it.Besides financial support, they also need to spend time searching for the right house.When they find the house they really want, the next step is to investigate the neighborhood.In many ways, this complex organization seems to break the rules we have been learning (introduction is first paragraph: thesis statement is in first paragraph; point-by-point OR block organization). Remember, those "rules" are really guidelines: they are like training wheels on a bike.When you become a more confident writer, you can write more independently.The kids would sabotage the neighbors' property if they did not get something they wanted.For example, they had their friends over and went to play basketball at my neighbor's basketball court in the middle of the night.


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