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Secondary sources are sources that are written about primary sources.

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← Back to WRITING TUTORIAL Writing a custom term paper, research paper, or essay, students often do not know the difference between primary and secondary sources.

This can lead to problems in writing research papers that require primary sources.

If he has been an active part of the research and he custom-writes about it then this is a primary source.

If the writer writes about research done by others then this writing will be a secondary source.

Other types of secondary sources are reference materials, books, and CD Rom, magazines, videotapes, and television shows.

Most secondary sources analyze the material or restate the works of others.In the natural and social sciences, primary sources are often empirical studies - research where an experiment was done or a direct observation was made.The results of empirical studies are typically found in scholarly articles or papers delivered at conferences, so those articles and papers that present the original results are considered primary sources.In simple terms, a secondary source writes or talks about something that is a primary source.For instance, if a person were to write about a painting hanging in the art gallery, this would be a secondary source discussing the original art.In simple terms primary sources come firsthand from the source or person.Diaries would be a primary source because it is written directly by the individual writing in the diary.A primary source is an original object or document - the raw material or first-hand information.Primary sources include historical and legal documents, eyewitness accounts, results of experiments, statistical data, pieces of creative writing, and art objects.Interviews are great primary sources because the individual talks about the topic directly from what he/she knows about the topic.Primary sources are usually firsthand information about something such as diaries, court records, interviews, research studies about experiments, and information that has been stated but not interpreted by others.


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