Presentation Analysis And Interpretation Of Data In Thesis

Presentation Analysis And Interpretation Of Data In Thesis-81
"Policy on the Review of Information Products." Statistics Canada Policy Manual. Data interpretation is part of daily life for most people.

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For an analytical product to be accurate, appropriate methods and tools need to be used to produce the results.

For an analytical product to be accessible, it must be available to people for whom the research results would be useful.

The basic steps in the analytic process consist of identifying issues, determining the availability of suitable data, deciding on which methods are appropriate for answering the questions of interest, applying the methods and evaluating, summarizing and communicating the results.

Analytical results underscore the usefulness of data sources by shedding light on relevant issues.

For example, a telephone survey of one thousand car owners in the United States might be conducted to predict the popularity of various cars among all U. First and perhaps foremost, an unbiased sample must be used.

In other words, every person (or item) in the population should have an equal chance of being in the sample.

Analysis can thus influence future improvements to the survey process.

Data analysis is essential for understanding results from surveys, administrative sources and pilot studies; for providing information on data gaps; for designing and redesigning surveys; for planning new statistical activities; and for formulating quality objectives. "Design and Model Based Inference for Model Parameters." In Handbook of Statistics 29B: Sample Surveys: Inference and Analysis.

The results are used to help determine the number of congressional seats that are assigned to each district; where new roads will be built; where new schools and libraries are needed; where new nursing homes, hospitals, and day care centers will be located; where new parks and recreational centers will be built; and the sizes of police and fire departments. People have migrated from the northern states toward the southern states, and the result has been a major shift in congressional representation.

In the past 30 years there has been a major shift in the U. With a net change of nearly 30 percent (a 17 percent drop in the Northeast and Midwest coupled with a 12 percent gain in the South), the South has gone from a position of less influence to one of greater influence in Congress as a result of population-based reapportionment .


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