Politics And Media Essay

The media is not always good for international political affairs though, an example would be the Vietnam War.However the media in international political affairs can have a positive effect, like when the Filipinos were being killed in their native homeland.The media jumped all over the chance to either smash or defend Clinton.

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The media can also exploit politician scandals, ruining their political career.

The media without a doubt plays a huge role in American political affairs, but it also plays a role in international political affairs as well.

It is within human nature to believe what is told to us.

We tend to believe the media because research is done by them and they are a main source of information.

Dan Rather, who does the CBS “Evening News”, was accused of a counterfeit story that could have brought down George Bush, particularly because it was released right before the election.

The report focused on George Bush’s service in the National Guard, and weather it actually happened or not.Some argued that it should be allowed to be seen because it affects the American public, others argued that it is too graphic and could disturb the minds of America’s youth.“Excessive violence in the media is a perennial boogeyman trotted out by politicians for each new election cycle.They cover up what politicians and activists do not want us to see because it may be too grotesque.In 2004 13 political detainees were executed at Abu Gharib, however it was deemed unfit to show the American public.The media helped to comfort Filipinos living in the United States.The media has a tremendous effect on politics and the politicians themselves.Only a small article was released by the New York Times, and the rest of the media questioned what Bush would do about these atrocious attacks on the United States.Nevertheless, the media can also be good, when it comes to the war we are involved in right now.During the Vietnam war, people were all for it as first, but when reporters and television stations started showing what was actually happening the public turned against the war and against president Johnson “…the Pentagon was thereafter much more careful to control what foreign correspondents and TV crews would be allowed to see and report.(3)” When the president of the Philippines, Marcos, was having his people killed, the media stepped in and helped when thousands of Filipinos were dieing.


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