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The main concern of the ideology of progressivism is the future life of the society.

The main concern of the ideology of progressivism is the future life of the society.

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There are some other important articles of the Constitution among which are the Thirteen and the Fourteen Amendments which abolish slavery and gives all citizens of the USA equal rights and equal protection of the state laws.

From my point of view the Nineteen Amendment is also important because it sort of equalizes the rights of men and women by giving the latter the right to take part in the elections.

Progressivism is an ideology that uses scientific development, progress in technology and engineering to operate the life in society.

The usual example of the progressivism is Socialism and Communism.

Ideology is the body of ideas and beliefs of a person, group, or nation about the policy and the economy in the country.

Usually these ideas put a great influence on the life of people in the society.Of course there are a lot more peculiarities about American political system, but it is necessary to speak about them in detail.Peculiarities of American political system Before speaking about the political ideology in the USA it is necessary to identify the meaning of ideology in general.Introduction In order to speak about the political system of the United States of America it is necessary to identify what type of the country and government it is.According to the Constitution, the USA is a constitutional republic.So, as the majority of Americans consider themselves rather moderate in outlook, meanwhile political leaders are trying to think and act in line with liberal and conservative ideologies of people.As I have said above the USA is a federal republic that has a strong and specific democratic tradition.Liberalism is not concerned with the past or future, because its main concern is the present life.Followers of this ideology prefer to call themselves “free”, “democrats”, and of course “liberal”.The scientific researches have shown that Americans are more interested in the ideology of liberals and conservatives.The basic idea of the ideology of Liberalism is the laisser-faire principle, that gives people the opportunity to do whatever they wish.


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