Picture Prompts For Creative Writing

On this page, you will find a large list of writing topics that will spark creative ideas in your students during journal and creative writing activities.

I have created these writing lists during my 22 years of teaching experience.

Okay, how about a story about a child filling the dishwasher with it while the babysitters there. If it needs a nudge, find something to get it roaring!

Or maybe someone laced it with acid, and the next person to use it burns all the skin off their hands. My last suggestion for prompts are to check out different websites. Writer’s Digest has some great ones: Or Pinterest: https:// before you sit there until you get frustrated, get your imagination in gear!

Providing engaging topics and images can help reluctant writers generate the ideas, vocabulary, and enthusiasm needed in order to begin a writing prompt.

Inspire reluctant writers with these sequencing strategies using fun picture writing prompts.

Each map-writing activity is accompanied by a picture prompt to help students visualize and analyze the spaces within the picture. Explain that the images need to be clear and happen in consecutive order (first, then, next, last).

This sequencing activity is a fun way to get students motivated and working together in partners to create their own sequencing lessons. The viewer needs to understand how the story happened just by looking at the images. Partner students in pairs and ask them to write a sequence of events based on their partner’s pictures. Students can check their work by turning over the cards.

When appropriate, I have also included useful links to other informational websites.

that will help save you time in planning your lesson activities.


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