Photography Institute Assignment 2

Photography Institute Assignment 2-9
One tip I learned: ask them to look in different directions.For example, ask your model to look into the camera, and don’t smile. Often people have a “better side.” Not only that, but by having your subject look up and down, you change the mood of the photo.Instead, only approach people who you think look unfriendly and will say “no.” Funny story: you will find that often the scariest/meanest looking people are the nicest (and vice-versa).

One tip I learned: ask them to look in different directions.

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The concept is simple: approach a bunch of strangers and ask for permission to make their portrait.

You have to keep asking until you get 5 people to say “yes” and 5 people to say “no.” You will discover it is harder to get a “no” than a “yes”.

Sometimes it is good to try out different photography assignments, to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, try a new approach, and to take action.

Simply sitting on your bum and thinking about photography won’t improve your photography.

Ask a person to stand in the bright sun, and take a series of different photos (with different exposure compensations): 0, 1, 2, 3, -1, -2, -3 Then look at your LCD screen, and look at the exposure of each photo.

Then look at the real world — how does your exposure-compensations change how your photos end up looking? Figure out what exposure-compensations work well for your camera, in different settings.

This will allow you to capture better perspectives, angles, and moments.

I don’t want you to always take 1,000 photos everyday. If I’m shooting candidly, I will get close to my subject, and take multiple photos, until they notice my presence.

Look at the paintings with eye contact, and without.

If you approach a stranger, and ask permission to make their portrait (or if you’re photographing a model), it is hard to direct your subject.


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