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Additionally, people perform searches when they want to find more information, suggesting that search results may favor events or issues that are newly in the public eye.

For example, in our study about the Flint water crisis, we found that the majority of the cases of heightened search activity coincided with major events in the story and increased attention from news media or political figures.

Question 2- In what ways does Marcia’s model of adolescence identity type help to explain potential differences in Facebook use among adolescents?

Question 3- In what ways are students’ Facebook practices and teaching practices that relies on social media responsive to one another?

One possible solution to comparing more than five terms in the Google Trends interface would be to create a set of queries that all share one single overlapping term (or set of terms) and then compare all the results in relation to that overlapping term.

Often, researchers aren’t interested in comparing more than five terms because they are not conceptually distinct.

Following ethical guidelines as prescribed by IRB procedures, participants were surveyed and categorized by their respective identity type using Marcia’s (1967) model of adolescence identity type.

Utilizing a socioconstructionist theoretical framework and Marcia’s model, journal entries, interview data, and Facebook observations from four students were analyzed over a four-week period.

Findings revealed that identity achievement students regarded their social media use as active and were more likely to use Facebook to research future goals.

These students felt Facebook deepened interests in aspects of their identity and often used Facebook to follow-up with classwork/homework.


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