Persuasive Essay About The War In Iraq

What Codevilla writes about contemporary conflict is always strongly—even explosively—worded, and in the end more persuasive than not.After September 11, Codevilla has serially lectured us on our half-hearted and at times counterproductive methods of waging war against terrorists and Middle Eastern regimes-hence the lament of his present essay, "Why We Don't Win"(Winter 2009/10).An open Iraq may in the long run prove to be more destabilizing to Iran's paranoid theocrats than their legions of terrorists were to it.

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Instead, as his title suggests, Codevilla is worried why there is still a war at all: why can't the most powerful nation in the history of arms once and for all crush its far weaker enemies?

That is a good question inasmuch as bin Laden and Dr.

Yet since he composed his essay, the Obama Administration has proscribed the term "Islamic extremism" altogether.

Codevilla also notes that the administration and the media exaggerate right-wing domestic terrorism in politically-correct tit-for-tat fashion, in an effort to reassure Muslims that their radicals are no more dangerous than our own homegrown ones.

Codevilla's gripe about our efforts at stopping Iran is not over the policy choice of sanctions, bombing, or regime change, but over the degree to which we will pursue seriously any or all of the three.

In the end, Codevilla is not a "more rubble, less trouble" Dr.Codevilla neatly catches the surprising combination of fecklessness and self-proclaimed intellectual superiority of our current elites, leading them to caricature anyone who actually wants to defeat our enemies as some sort of Neanderthal.They send our troops into battle with poorly defined objectives and muddled strategy.In his view, our elites accept a "logic that flows from the heights of American universities through the bureaucracies and the war colleges." In other words, we draw on our wealth and strength not to defeat enemies, but to delude ourselves into thinking we are immune from the rather nasty rules of war.Yet in a democracy the people get the leaders they deserve, who reflect the values of their constituents.Strangelove, calling for Baghdad or Khandahar to end up like Grozny.His moral point can be distilled to a reluctance to ask our service people to fight wars that we do not plan to win—and a refusal to delude our citizenry that they are safe from their enemies.The country no longer translates its oil wealth into attacks against its neighbors.The recent election of the secularist Ayad Allawi suggests that Iraqis are more worried about religious fundamentalism than about candidates supposedly tainted with past American associations.Codevilla begins by citing polls that may reflect American unhappiness with our on-again/off-again wars and even greater dissatisfaction with our government itself.Yet I doubt that such discontent necessarily translates into the sort of toughness Codevilla advocates—at least when the costs mount and the shrillness begins.


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