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Thirty seconds later, his cousin was attacked and pushed against a car.Initially confused and terrified, I sprinted across the narrow street, begging for someone to intervene, “S’il vous plaît aidez-lui!

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As president of Hillel and a member of UConn Interfaith, I have seen many instances of religious discrimination and abuse.

With a minor in religion, I have also learned about the tenets of various religious beliefs and attended religious celebrations like Diwali and Nourouz.

Admissions committees prefer a more personal story of learning and growth, regardless of the topic. Never use the personal comments as a summary of accomplishments that are listed elsewhere in the application. Procrastinating and rushing to finish your personal statement at the last minute may lead to undeveloped ideas, poor grammar and typos. If you had a difficult semester, low science grades, or a gap in your educational history, it’s better to address the problems in the personal statement. In addition, she points out the following myths about personal statements: • My personal statement must have a theme. Freedman says most have no themes and are somewhat autobiographical in nature.

Admissions committees will appreciate your honesty. Jessica Freedman, MD, says on Kevin to answer the following questions as you go over your many drafts of personal statements: • What have you done that supports your interest in becoming a doctor? • My personal statement must be no longer than one page.

• DON’T choose a subject matter simply because you think it will impress. In addition, this is the time to review certain aspects of your life, including your experiences (school or non-school related), motivations, and personal qualities.

Avoid such clichés as: “I want to help people,” “I want to make a difference,” etc. • DON’T rehash your résumé or other parts of your application in your essay.

One of the single most influential inventions, birth control, has guided the progress of the women’s liberation movement.

As a woman entering a scientific field, this knowledge led to my participation in the alternative break, “Women, Children, and Political Action.” During this trip, it became clearer that anyone can be the target of intentional or unintentional discrimination.

This theme was carried throughout my classes, bioethics internships, and human rights conferences, and has become a part of my working framework for medicine, leading to my hope of becoming a physician and ethicist.

After receiving a first place prize for a poster presentation of “Changing Attitudes toward Government-Funded Universal Healthcare” in 2007, I enrolled in a University of Pennsylvania course focusing on society’s role in shaping the use of medical technology, and in turn, technology’s role in changing political and social movements in America.


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