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Justice was done, in the opinion of 70% of those surveyed for a Washington Post–ABC News poll in April.Support for capital punishment has sagged in recent years, but it remains strong in a situation like this, where the offense is so outrageous, the process so open, the defense so robust and guilt beyond dispute.The case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev absorbed Americans as no death-penalty drama has in years.

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Burge, recently put it, “Capital punishment runs counter to core conservative principles of life, fiscal responsibility and limited government.

The reality is that capital punishment is nothing more than an expensive, wasteful and risky government program.” This unmistakable trend dates back to the turn of the century.

In Arizona on July 23, prison officials needed nearly two hours to complete the execution of double murderer Joseph Wood. In April 2014, Oklahoma authorities spent some 40 minutes trying to kill Clayton Lockett before he finally died of a heart attack.

Our long search for the perfect mode of killing—quiet, tidy and superficially humane—has brought us to this: rooms full of witnesses shifting miserably in their seats as unconscious men writhe and snort and gasp while strapped to gurneys.

Alex Kozinski, the conservative chief judge of the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, recently wrote that Americans must either give up on capital punishment or embrace its difficult, brutal nature.

Rather than pretend that execution is a sort of medical procedure involving heart monitors and IV lines—a charade that actual medical professionals refuse to be part of—we should use firing squads or the guillotine. jurisdiction has used rifles for an execution in more than 50 years.) “Of course, it does raise the question of whether we are really comfortable with having a death penalty that literally sheds blood,” Kozinski allowed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

The shift is more pragmatic than moral, as Americans realize that our balky system of state-sanctioned killing simply isn’t fixable.

As a leader of the Georgia Republican Party, attorney David J.

Thirty-two states allow capital punishment for the most heinous crimes.

And yet in most of the country, the penalty is now hollow.


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