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In fact, outlines are an integral part of essay writing.

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Besides demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, a thesis will explain to your readers how you will interpret and discuss the information you are presenting and let them know what to expect from your essay.

A thesis will answer a question or make a definitive statement that can be argued or disputed.

Generally, each paragraph should have a claim that supports the central thesis of the essay.

Following the claim, it is important to provide the evidence, proving that the claim is true and relevant.

Your thesis statement is the central theme of your paper.

The thesis is sometimes confused with the topic of the paper, which is really only the general subject of the essay and is very broad.In order for your essay to have validity and credibility, it is imperative that your thesis and supporting claims are backed up by concrete evidence from reliable sources.The evidence you provide is almost solely responsible for convincing your audience to agree with your thesis.A good, strong essay will spotlight important details in the evidence and help the readers notice patterns and implications that they may never have noticed before.The analysis should make your argument seem clear and obvious in an easy to understand, but intelligent way.It establishes your position in the paper and explains to the reader why your message is important.Your thesis should be clear and easy to understand and identify, as well as being presented early on in your essay.Rather, your thesis statement must be arguable and be distinguished from both an observation, merely an obvious interpretation that no one would ever argue, and fact, which is clearly provable and demonstrable.It is a one sentence, direct, and concise statement that clearly establishes your paper’s argument.Essay outlines are an important and helpful step to the writing process.Outlines can help you focus your ideas and information around one, central theme.


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