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If you are finished reading Shakespeare's Othello with your students, you might be interested in helping them hone their critical thinking skills in relation to the play.

This can mean helping them think about themes that are central in the text and how these themes relate to each other as well as to the play in general.

Then in scene II after provoking Brabantio, using his love for his daughter against him, leaving Roderigo to side with Othello, offering him Brabantio s intent, even though it was provoked by himself.

Even though that didn t work he is able to get himself in a better position to further inflict harm, and confusion between Othello, Desdemona, and Cassio.

In the scene where Desdemona and Cassio innocently exchange words about Othello s recent behavior towards Cassio, Iago takes total control of Othello s thoughts due to the fact that Othello has entered into power but thinks that everyone still sees him as just a moor, who was a slave.

Iago used Othello s Insecurities against him to control him.

The maliciousness and manipulatory ways of Iago leads him to almost get away with the systematic murder of four people.

As well as turning the noble Othello into an creature so blinded my jealousy, and self-doubt, he would kill the woman he loved.

One of the principle components of this definition is that a tragedy chronicles the downfall of a tragic hero. [Read More] Othello has used military service to prove he is not a savage to white leaders, but his reliance upon the counsel of military officers and his over-valuing of military decision-making and life makes him descend into savagery. Either interpretation would be fair, for the play proposes so many different ways of looking at him through the eyes of the other characters that one would be justified in drawing any number of conclusions about the way he should be acted. A Routledge Literary Sourcebook on William Shakespeare's Othello. Iago seems to know that he is condemned to hell -- even in the first scene, he has a premonition of his damnation: "Though I do hate him as I do hell-pains" (I.1.161). For Iago, reputation is what drives his actions; jealousy of Cassio has caused him to lash out against the Moor, because Iago believes he should be held in higher esteem than Cassio. He never catches himself or comes to terms with the core feelings that drive his murderous scheming. In other words, women really crave a strong military man who is violent towards their bodies, rather than a tender and loving man who is respectful……

Tragic heroes are well-renowned individual with a wonderful set of virtues descended from decidedly noble lineages who are plagued by one (and only one) tragic flaw which is directly attributable to their demise (Aristotle, 2008). "Honest Othello: the handkerchief once more." Studies in English Literaute, 1500-1900. This is true even before Iago has begun to try to manipulate his mind. Shakespearean Tragedy: Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth. In analyzing the play for character then, it is important not to base one's interpretation of Othello solely on personal instinct or the image…… "Iago and the dialectic of enlightenment: reason, will and desire in Othello." Criticism 37.4. Iago seems to be searching for motivations to excuse his bad deeds, rather than to be motivated by malice alone, like a devil. For Desdemona, reputation is central to her conflict because the one thing she did that was contrary to her reputation, marrying Othello, is the one thing that gives him reason to believe that she would be unfaithful…… Therefore, Iago embodies a character of true evil, a man who premeditates…… [Read More] Othello and Love Love and Othello Love is a fleeting, passionate, agonizing, and steep theme to William Shakespeare's tragedies.


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