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In my opinion, Champion is able to describe Iago and Othello exactly the way the play sought to portray them, Iago as a great and evil manipulator and Othello as the heroic tragic hero, innocent, but naive, proud, but single-minded.Iago s manipulatory nature is shown to us all through out the first act, when in scene I he conspires with Roderigo to rave up Brabantio into confronting Othello s secret marriage to his daughter.

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He also states that Othello s tunnel-vision idealism, based on conceptions of his own magnanimous forthrightness and self-importance, (235) is what made Othello susceptible to influences and schemes of evil intent by individuals.

One can clearly see these flaws in Othello when Iago pours lies into his head about Desdemona and Cassio.

Champion goes on to describe Iago as a totally single dimensional creature of calculated self-control…and gives the appearance…of credible and intriguing character development.

As the play opens, Iago is shown manipulating Rodrigo into informing Brabantio of Desdemona s secret marriage with Othello.

The maliciousness and manipulatory ways of Iago leads him to almost get away with the systematic murder of four people.

As well as turning the noble Othello into an creature so blinded my jealousy, and self-doubt, he would kill the woman he loved.

Iago with malicious intent uses this opportunity to implant the idea of Cassio trying to steal Desdemona from Othello, in order to spark rage, anger, and jealousy in Othello, setting the change of events that lead to the tragic end of the play.

In all Shakespeare creates one of the greatest fictional villains ever.

and practicing upon his peace and quite even to madness.

(II, i, 1333) Othello shows his naive-ness in act III scene iii when from a distance he and Iago witness Cassio leaving Desdemona, and instead of talking to his wife he listens to Iago instead.


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