Organic Food Store Business Plan

Nature Box, co-founded by Gautam Gupta, a former venture capitalist and Babson alum, and Ken Chen, an internet marketing entrepreneur.

The Nature Box team was also motivated to help change eating habits and solve hunger problems.

A second-degree black belt and certified taekwondo instructor, Asheim also writes the Seattle Fitness Examiner column.

People are smarter about the foods they eat these days, and more consumers have turned to organic food products for personal health and reasons of quality.

Yes The time has never been better than now to start a business that specializes in organic food sales and home delivery, as organically grown foods have become so popular, growers are having a hard time meeting consumer demand.

Additionally, be sure to develop a website that lets clients place food orders online.

The Good Earth Foods Company will provide high-quality organic foods and ready-made convenience items for people who are too busy for complex food preparation but who care about what they eat.

Good Earth Foods Company has formed to meet the growing demand for unique, organic, partially prepared, specialty convenience foods.

In many cases, the benefits and differentiation of successful ventures in this space have to do with a commitment to social purpose.

My colleagues and I identify a “social purpose business” as one that is for profit (economic mission) and makes a social impact on the marketplace (Neck, Brush & Allen, 2009, The Landscape of Social Entrepreneurship, I have observed that many of the new start- ups in the organic food retail sector are not only offering a new organic food alternative, but a founded on a principle of changing our life style to be healthier.


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