Opinion Essay Dying

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After reading the ten sources and extensively researching euthanasia, I still support and promote the legalization of euthanasia.

I believe that all people deserve the right to die with dignity.

Some of these poor innocent creatures face abusive treatment by their caretakers, thus shortening their life span.

In fact Keiko, the killer whale, the star of was a victim of this type of abuse.

In my opinion there is no doubt that marine mammals should NOT be held in captivity.

Marine mammals are a part of nature and should not be bought, sold or thrown in an aquarium.

Marine mammals do breed in captivity, but the birth rate in captivity is not as successful as in the wild.

Many people think that marine mammals should remain in captivity.

Marine mammals breed very poorly in captivity with very high infant death rates.

For this reason, when a baby dolphin is born into captivity its birth is usually kept a secret from its mother until it shows signs of survival.


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