Oliver Cromwell Hero Or Villain Essay Year 8

a scene of soldiers ransacking and looting a village) before considering what this might tell us (e.g.

wars were common and law and order was precarious).

Before starting to answer a question, students should give themselves time to plan so that they have a clear idea of what they are going to say.

They should then think about how they are going to introduce their points, how they are going to separate these points into paragraphs, what contextual knowledge (e.g.

For example, if students were asked what changed as a result of World War One, they could think about changes in society, economy, and government and how these might have been experienced differently by soldiers, women, workers or children.

An important skill in history is to be able to see how events and their consequences, big and small, are linked together.

These statements will be used on the termly reports sent to parents and students and parents are asked to look at the further guidance below to help clarify the statements on the reports.

Change and continuity is one of the key concepts in the history curriculum and students should aim to show an awareness of how events/people/themes/cultures have changed throughout different time periods by using their contextual knowledge and considering a range of different factors.

We encourage all our students to reflect on their learning in lessons and use feedback from their teachers to help them improve.

Below, you will find the ‘statements for improvement’ that summarise the feedback students are given.


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