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Odysseus then gets back on his ship on starts to sail on Poseidon's waters back to Ithaca.Pride is good to have, but in Odysseus’s case, it’s a little too much.This daring moves is another reason why he is parted from the other characters, as a hero.

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He makes a giant wooden horse (Trojan Horse) and has a person present it as a gift to accept a peace with them.

The Trojans accept the gift and open the walls for the horse, not knowing that inside the horse was Odysseus and a small fleet of soldiers.

The Trojans had a great celebration for what they thought was a victory.

As the Trojans finally went to sleep, Odysseus and his fleet crept out of the horse and completely slaughtered the Trojans in a very bloody battle.

On his way back, he angers Poseidon, god of the sea, by blinding his son, Polyphemus the Cyclops.

Due to Odysseus’ actions, Poseidon refuses to let Odysseus reach home, and Odysseus and his crew are forced to go through a series of obstacles throughout the epic.In situations where brute force has failed, Odysseus uses his craftiness to create a plan and escape a difficult situation.Without his cleverness, Odysseus would not be able to survive.Living as king of Ithaca, he leads his fleet of warriors across Poseidon’s sea into a great battle against the Trojans.It is here where Odysseus and his fleet of warriors defeated the Trojans because of his great leadership.Knowing that he cannot defeat the Trojans from outside the immense walls, he comes up with a different plan.A plan that will get him through the walls with a little help from Poseidon.The epic poem The Odyssey, written by Homer, centers around the main protagonist Odysseus and his long journey back home.Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, returns home after defeating the Trojans in a ten year war.Being brave and courageous is all about being willing and able to go to the extremes to help or possibly save people or even a place in need.As well as having courage and bravery, Odysseus is also a strong warrior and leader.


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