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Fogelman reluctantly agrees to a series of changes in the play.

Fogelman reluctantly agrees to a series of changes in the play.For what it is worth, all of the suggestions improvements. The editor and only staff member of the school newspaper builds sensational stories based on a very limited amount of facts.I'm not gonna get started on my rant about this, but I could go on awhile if I did.

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His ex-best friend Cavanaugh, the team’s starting quarterback, gets annoyed because while he did most of the scoring last year, Wallace got a lot of the glory and attention.

(Hey, I an a Patriots’ fan, and Malcolm Butler was just a name I heard on the radio occasionally until the Super Bowl a year ago.) Reason #2 complicates things because Wallace speaks his mind during rehearsals.

This cheeses off the town's football fans, because even though Wallace, by his own admission, is an average player, he did make The Big Play To Win last year, and thus is somehow a middle school town hero.

Also, his best friend Steve is no longer his best friend after that. Fogelman didn't know: Wallace turns out to be a budding genius director.

Week by week the kids at school—and many people in town—love Wallace or hate him, depending on what says that week.

The president of the drama club takes acting and the play very seriously.

Wallace knows he's not, and says so, but what's going to happen when he finds out whodunit? The play gets crazier and crazier (hell, I'd want to see it, especially given the joys of rap in musicals that is 2016). And while I wasn't so thrilled with the main female characters (Rachel the "love interest" isn't all that much of one and the other option, Trudi, is a stereotypical boy-crazy idjit) and Mr.

Fogelman manages to get over his issues surprisingly quickly, overall I was so delighted with the ensuing crazy that I loved the book.

(Hell, he even has a Tom Sawyer knack for getting friends to come over and help him do chores for his mom.) Wallace has plenty of suggestions for improving this turd of a plot, and the kids absolutely eat them up.

Pretty soon the show becomes a musical with a rock band and original songs, roller skating, rapping, and special-ish effects. Except someone's also vandalizing the play, and Wallace is naturally the chief suspect.


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