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No other author today touches our emotions more deeply than Nicholas Sparks.Illuminating both the strength and the gossamer fragility of our deepest emotions, his two New York Times bestsellers, The Notebook and Message in a Bottle, have established him as the leading author of today's most cherished love stories.There is a little of that here; Jamie is forbidden to date, for example, although there's more behind his decision than knee-jerk strictness. Sullivan and asks him to have faith in him, the minister listens with an open mind. It lays things on a little thick at the end, but by then it had paid its way.

Then, as punishment for the prank, he is ordered by the principal to join the drama club: "You need to meet some new people." Jamie's in the club. He asks her to help him rehearse for a role in a play. She isn't one of those losers who skulks around feeling put upon; her self-esteem stands apart from the opinion of her peers.

She's a smart, nice girl, a reminder that one of the pleasures of the movies is to meet good people. Enough to focus on the way Jamie's serene example makes Landon into a nicer person--encourages him to become more sincere and serious, to win her where she approaches him while he's with his old friends and says, "See you tonight," and he says, "In your dreams." When he turns up at her house, she is hurt and angry, and his excuses sound lame even to him.

That Jamie and Landon base their romance on values and respect will blindside some viewers of the film, especially since the first five or 10 minutes seem to be headed down a familiar teenage movie trail. The Ebert Club is our hand-picked selection of content for Ebert fans.

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It spent nearly six months in the best-seller list on hardcover, and an additional four months on paperback.

Clarissa Cruz of Entertainment Weekly, however, panned the novel, saying, "With its cliche-riddled prose and plot twists that can be predicted after skimming the prologue, Nicholas Sparks' latest, A Walk To Remember, reads more like the script for a bad after-school special than anything approaching literature." Overall, Publishers Weekly expressed its disappointment.

The singer Mandy Moore, a natural beauty in both face and manner, stars as Jamie Sullivan, an outsider at school who is laughed at because she stands apart, has values, and always wears the same ratty blue sweater. Shane West plays Landon Carter, a senior boy who hangs with the popular crowd but is shaken when a stupid dare goes wrong and one of his friends is paralyzed in a diving accident.

He dates a popular girl and joins in the laughter against Jamie.

Now, in A Walk to Remember, he tells a truly unforgettable story, one that glimmers with all of his magic, holding us spellbound-and reminding us that in life each of us may find one great love, the kind that changes everything...

A Walk to Remember is a novel by American writer Nicholas Sparks, released in October 1999.


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