My Younger Brother Essay

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And we mundanely trade aspects of our daily lives through texts.

I embraced my queerness while I was in college, 200 miles away from home.

When I came out to my parents during my senior year I gave them the space to come to terms with my sexuality, which consequently meant we did not talk about it for a few years, including with my brother.

However, sometimes, learning goes in the other direction.

In the past few years, I have come to learn a lot about being an out and proud gay black man from my younger brother.

He lives out his life courageously and has a bravery that comes from living authentically.

What I have learned during the last decade of my life is that there is a joy that develops from living out your own truth.When I think of big brothers, I think of the guy who defends the family and always looksafter the younger (or even older) siblings.I have to watchover four sisters and a brother, plus myself.Whereas for me and other gay men I grew up with, we had a delayed adolescence and often had to experience our first sexual encounters in secret and often with shame.A part of me is a little jealous of him and his cohort.It’s an ongoingaccomplishment; I am second oldest in a family of six.Thereisn’t too much out there I wouldn’t do for my siblings, asannoying as they can sometimes be.I know for him growing up was not easy, and it often meant having to live in my shadow.But what he probably does not know is how envious I am of him.I assume that they did not have as much internal indecision about their sexuality as they have come into their own at such a young age.Yet, I know coming out is never easy, no matter what generation you belong to. Just try to intimidate him, or me for that matter, and you will get the clapback of your life.


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