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We might be able to help, but we would really need to know what your culture and heritage are so that we could give specific advice.I don't think that you really need to talk to your family (if they really are that secretive) about your culture.As long as the English settlers have been here, so have the German Immigrants.

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If so, then go and research stuff about that country's culture and maybe about how people from that country came to whereever you are.

In other words, if you can't get stuff about your specific family (and they might tell you if you asked), you could at least have generic information about typical people "like" you.

A little fun fact is that most of the beer brewers in the 1800’s migrated over to America because they were seeking better land for their crops and found that America had more variety and better soil to make beer.

This is still a big influence of the type and variety of different beers that we still enjoy today.

The appealing thing about this new land was that they would have religious freedom along with the freedom to build a life and perform their craft or trade how they wanted to in this new land.

Many of the Germans at this time were protestant and the thought of religious freedom was very appealing as many German immigrants migrated to Pennsylvania.

German Americans at that time who were accused of being “Pro – German” were beaten and German business owners had their businesses and homes vandalized.

The German names of towns, food, music, literature were all changed during that time period, and much of German education was removed.

I have a little bit of Irish, Polish, English and Indian (Choctaw) mixed into my family lineage but for the most part I am 85% German lineage.

When I think of German heritage there are a few things that come to my mind and probably come up in other’s minds that may not be German.


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