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Far from craving revenge, the manacled captives dread the ill fortune they believe will inevitably result from the harm they inflict on the crew with their uprising.

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Taken from their homes and family)/s straight into the bondage of enslavement, slaves were whipped and beaten until they complied. Thomas Trotter, described the slaves as “locked ‘spoons’ and locked to one another” (Document C).

Slaves were chained together in the hold to prevent possible rebellions against their white abductors.

She used the occasion to warn of the negativity rising from the commodification of books.

However, her historic speech also praises the group effort that won what she repeatedly calls a “beautiful reward.” The medal which white ally Le Guin was given only symbolizes our reward and doesn’t begin to encompass the glory of our entire haul, which includes and its many literary siblings and offspring.

It was very uncomfortable for the slaves in the teen decks, for there was no space for them to move, and even the slightest movements caused their shackles to cut into their skin.

While many slaves obediently complied with restraints and orders, some dissented, causing them to face the severe consequences for their behavior.

Calhoun must pay off the cost of his passage by working as the tobacco-spitting cook’s assistant—a salary-less set-up far too reminiscent of his boyhood captivity.

Grumbling in longwinded unofficial log posts as they cross the Atlantic, Calhoun describes a vessel on its last sea legs, “perpetually flying apart and re-forming…the great sails ripping to rags in high winds, the rot, cracks, and parasites…cancerously swift…” Constant carpentry and defensive drunkenness are de rigueur.

He comes to empathize with the poor captives, even adopting one of them as his daughter.

There’s another attitude Calhoun and the Allmuseri share: a sort of Buddhist detachment from the world’s joy and suffering.


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