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of that guilt residing in Salem which the hysteria merely unleashed, but did not create.” In the Spring of 1952, Arthur Miller traveled to Salem to learn about and viscerally connect to the truth of the story he wished to tell.

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Both of these were lies, so it led the community to be very dishonest and not trustworthy (9).

Above all this, people started to accuse people in order to get their land and possessions.

He came to America to make a better life for himself and his family, which he did as he became a professor at the University of South Florida (5). Sami Al-Arian was just a normal person, but because of his race, he was suspected to be a terrorist.

He was in prison for six years, and while he was finally declared innocent, there is no way to get that time back.

The Salem Witch Trials were quite similar to the Red Scare, even though they were hundreds of years apart.

The witch hunt started from a seemingly silly situation, but it led to people getting scared.

This is partly true, but Miller had always been fascinated by the history at Salem.

He was drawn to “the interior psychological question …

One example of this is the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. In the Salem witch trials people were in trepidation of witchcraft the same way that Americans were in apprehension of communism (7).

Both cases showed that fear and paranoia can lead to power, and too much power in the hands of one person can lead to chaos.


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