Matlab Assignment Operator

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Often it will be useful to accumulate an array of expressions into a single Matlab variable.

Unfortunately, a somewhat technical detail of the Matlab object model can cause problems in such cases.

All operators are binary except exponentiation, the postfix operators and those shown as unary together with , the conditional operator, the array construction operator and concatenation operator [ ], and the array range constructor which is either binary or ternary.

Operators with the same precedence occur at the same line of the table: are not expression operators since they are allowed only in equations and in assignment statements respectively.

We strongly discourage their use, and a future version of CVX may remove them altogether.

For the reasoning behind this, please see the fuller discussion in The base CVX function library includes a variety of convex, concave, and affine functions which accept CVX variables or expressions as arguments.Once an expression holder has been declared, you may freely insert both numeric and CVX expressions into it.For example, the previous example can be corrected as follows: .All binary expression operators are left associative.command includes the name of the variable, an optional dimension list, and one or more keywords that provide additional information about the content or structure of the variable.See references such as Convex Optimization for more on the interpretation of dual information.CVX also supports the declaration of cvx_end The following cvx variable(s) have been overwritten: X This is often an indication that an equality constraint was written with one equals '=' instead of two '=='.The model must be rewritten before cvx can proceed.We hope that this check will prevent at least some typographical errors from having frustrating consequences in your models.If this use of equality constraints to represent set membership remains confusing or simply aesthetically displeasing, we have created a “pseudo-operator” This is exactly equivalent to using the equality constraint operator, but if you find it more pleasing, feel free to use it.Implementing this operator required some Matlab trickery, so don’t expect to be able to use it outside of CVX models.


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