Marketing Plan Template For Small Business

Marketing Plan Template For Small Business-50
Plenty of companies have succeeded in the past without spending massive amounts of money on marketing.Here are some ways you can do marketing for almost provides customers with a clothing comparison chart, solving their problem of indecision by helping them make an informed decision.

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You can then communicate with them at each touch point to encourage them to move through this funnel. People start talking, telling other people and the word spreads.

Nothing can replace word-of-mouth marketing and the powerful effect it has on your business.

The more valuable content you give away the more deals you’ll close.

Fine Rare uses their blog to educate prospects and customers on fine wine.

For example, if you own an antiques business, and you know customers are wary of fakes, making them uncertain about their purchasing decision, your message might look something like this: The Problem: Potential customers aren’t completing their purchase, because they don’t trust you.

The Solution: Demonstrate trust by providing tangible proof; a certificate of authenticity.

A marketing plan is the “how” of achieving your marketing strategy.

Without a well-thought-out plan you can’t achieve the goals you developed as part of your marketing strategy.

Using video, especially “how to” videos, will help engage visitors for a longer period of time, allowing your brand message to sink in.

Take a look at our blog telling you all about Video Marketing.


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