Magic Thesis Formula

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And we’re about to share a simple trick that will help you nail your statement every single time.

But before we get to the only thesis statement you’ll ever need, let’s take a look at the basics. These statements provide the reader with an idea about what the essay, dissertation or thesis will discuss, but don’t actually put anything on the line.

It is a "proposition for consideration", a statement that "can be discussed and either proved or disproved".

It generally comes at the end of the introductory paragraph can be placed at the end or even in the middle of the essay. One sentence in the introduction must clearly state the topic. the thesis statement is the most important sentence in the introduction.

The formula I use is that the thesis sentence contains the subject (what you are going to write about) and an attitude (what your position is/what you are going to examine about the topic).

Tied to this, I like to use a rhetorical device called the tricolon which is simply a group of three points/topics/whatever (three is a kind of "magic number for groupings) that you are going to use to illustrate your thesis...

I prefer the claim sentence: You are telling the reader what you are going to writing about in your essay.

For example, your claim/thesis might state: "Mastering the computer has become the most important task in education today." Your attention getter at the first of the paragraph would illustrate the importance of the computer to get the reader's attention.

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