Magazine Publishing Business Plan

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The reality is no independent magazines survive on the traditional model of magazine and ad sales.Monocle realized it was its high-income audience and has used advertorial content to position brands for its readers.The Collective Quarterly realized it was its brand and partners with other brands in each issue to develop its content.One of the biggest mistakes I made off the bat was to place too much emphasis on the stories I wanted to tell over the stories a particular audience wanted to hear. No matter how much craft we put into our product, it was grounded in a completely inside-out vision.Over time, Makeshift has refined its target audience — globally conscious creatives — and listened to their needs.(The organizers of these groups have asked me to kindly inform you that they’re open only to publishers of existing print magazines.Please do not request to join unless you meet this criterion.)Partnerships with other magazines have paid off for Makeshift.This is not a guide to the nuts and bolts of finding a printer and selling subscriptions but a contemplation of the major elements that will set you up for success.By the end of this piece, you’ll understand that “How do I start a magazine? If you happen to be afflicted with the same mental delusion that struck me four years ago when I decided to revive the art of print, the reality you must accept is that you’re going to be dealt a difficult hand.Last winter, Makeshift led an effort to create a Little Magazine Gift Guide, inviting 19 fellow publishers to list their titles on our microsite and offer readers a holiday discount. One of the titles invited us to distribute together in a new geography under an agreement that flipped the above supply chain on its head by redistributing the risk more fairly.Many pitched in to a pool of funds used to purchase Facebook ads for the site. Indeed, amidst the gauntlet of obstacles, there is success to be had for the creative and collaborative.


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