Literature Review On Breast Cancer

Copyright: 2009 Jones & Bartlett Publishers Summary This essential guide takes you through the journey of breast cancer treatment, exploring all of the options available to women today and gives women the tools they need to actively participate in the decisions surrounding their care.

Breast cancer patients coming to the Johns Hopkins Breast Center for treatment receive a free copy of this book as part of the educational materials given out at the initial consultation.

We presented a case with breast cancer who developed metachronous metastasis to the ampulla of Vater while other distant metastatic lesions subsided completely after systemic treatment.

A literature review through the Pub Med database yielded a total of 23 similar cases of breast cancer with periampullary metastases.

Breast cancer patients coming to the Johns Hopkins Breast Center for treatment receive a free copy of this book as part of the educational materials given out at the initial consultation. This must-have book combines the author’s motivational and medical expertise to provide practical, important information on breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, pre- and post-surgery quality of life, sexuality associated with breast cancer treatment, the right to choose breast reconstructive surgery, breast reconstruction resources, and much more! Summary Becoming a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is an innovative new resource that guides nurses through the process of becoming a nurse navigator at breast cancer centers.

You will laugh, and cry, and come away inspired after reading this book. Written by a nationally renowned expert nurse navigator, this essential resource provides direction on improving efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of care.Lillie Shockney, administrative director of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, instructor in the Department of Surgery at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine, and tireless breast cancer patient advocate, provides expert guidance as you embark on your journey, helping you gain an understanding about your treatment options and planning, reducing your anxiety and helping you regain a sense of control. Her book, , is a unique, empowering, and often humorous story about the journey of a woman who has experienced breast cancer from many perspectives.provides key information on initial consultations, treatment options and the decision-making process, breast cancer centers, communicating the news of diagnosis to your loved ones, pre- and post-surgery quality of life, sexual intimacy, adjuvant treatment after surgery, targeted therapy, financial issues of treatment, celebrating treatment completion and survivorship, as well as the future of breast cancer, additional resources for patients and their families, and much more. Lillie Shockney shares her story about flipping to the other side of the patient’s side rail when she went from medical professional, wife, and mother to becoming a breast cancer patient, patient advocate, and nationally recognized breast cancer expert, lending her emotional support and medical advice to help lead breast cancer patients and families through their own journey with this life altering disease. Breast cancer patients having surgery at the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center receive a free copy of this book in their “comfort bag” which is given to them the day of their surgery.Becoming a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is a must-have resource for oncology nurses and administrators interested in patient advocacy and improved outcomes.challenges oncologists to understand and practice a pivotal role with each patient while being realistic about the patient's prognosis and helping to fulfill each patient's hopes.Describing research about hope and sharing poignant patient case studies, the author has written a seminal book that should be required reading for all oncologists. Whether you're a newly diagnosed patient, survivor, or loved one of someone suffering from advanced breast cancer, 100 Questions & Answers About Advanced and Metastatic Breast Cancer, Second Edition offers essential and practical guidance.Differential diagnosis between periampullary metastasis from breast cancer and a primary periampullary cancer was discussed thoroughly regarding patient history, serum tumor markers, imaging study plus biopsy procedures, and histopathology.A 42-year-old woman presented with right breast invasive ductal carcinoma (TNM stage: c T3N1M0) which was human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (Her2) overexpressed and estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR) negative in August 2013.Important features of the book include an overview of the history of navigation, case studies to reinforce concepts and information on becoming a certified nurse navigator.It also contains tools to help measure individual performance and demonstrate value to cancer center leaders.She was afflicted with right chest wall local recurrence less than two months after the mastectomy.Complete remission of the recurrence was achieved by local external beam irradiation.


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