Language Culture And Global Competence An Essay On Ambiguity

Language Culture And Global Competence An Essay On Ambiguity-90
From birth humans communicate, at first in order to survive - to ensure that needs are met.But at an amazing rate communication becomes refined into language, one of the defining characteristics of human beings.Thus, this can serve as the basis for developing the model of the “reflexive practitioner” in the teaching profession.

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Anyone can benefit from the strokes of genius, lucky accidents, and trial-and-error wisdom accumulated by everyone else, present or past.Language is as much important today as it was to the first envoys and negotiators.Today, technology is continuously shaping certain aspects of language and diplomacy, with the introduction of new tools for communication and interpretation, novel ways of capturing and preserving diplomatic documents, and methods that facilitate online negotiations.Through careful and critical attention to various aspects of diplomatic language we can improve our understanding of both the explicit and implicit messages world leaders and other political figures send out, and improve our own ability to communicate in the most effective and appropriate ways.Popular dichotomy views words as distinct from actions. The Speech Act theory shows that not only do words have the power to give rise to actions, but many utterances are a form of action in themselves.Studies of diplomacy usually concentrate on the message rather than the means.However, examination of language use in diplomacy can lead to a better understanding of the way diplomacy functions and why some diplomatic processes are more successful than others.Rhetoric, the art of persuasion, is the practice and study ofthe linguistic resources which help speakers to achieve their objectives.The study of rhetoric has traditionally been understood under three headings: (1) pathos (Greek ‘emotion’), generally referred to as an ‘appeal to emotions,’and which includes the ability to engage the sympathy and imagination of one’s audience; (2) ‘logos’ (Gk.We create and establish the meaning of all of our knowledge via a process of self-referencing logos.An implication of the application of self-referencing logic is the notion that a teacher can simultaneously learn and teach (“the learning teacher”).


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