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It was this which made the common people hate him for the first time, and it served as a most useful pretext for those others who had long hated him but had up to now disguised their feelings”? The Romans of this time period had a new way of governing themselves: actually governing themselves instead of being governed by one man. Upon Caesar’s return from defeating Pompey he is greeted by celebration and festivities.Plutarch states that the last of the kings was driven out by Brutus’ ancestors and that the people never wanted another monarchy (The Life of Caesar 232-33). Although this animosity is very evident in Plutarch’s work it is not even mentioned in Shakespeare’s play. The common folk even take the day off to honor Caesar.

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“He doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus”? This quote also shows how Shakespeare perceived Julius Caesar as a prominent and influential man of his time.

In Plutarch’s version of Caesar’s life it is made clear that Caesar had an uncovered longing to become king and that the people resented that.

“What made Caesar most openly and mortally hated was his passion to be made king.

He is speaking about Julius Caesar and Caesar’s arrogance and overconfidence.

These words were spoken by Cassius, a character in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.


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