Islam And Christianity Essay

Some of the common angels include Angel Gabriel in Christianity and Islam.

Demons are believed to interfere with a person’s belief in God.

According to Yousef (2014), Judaism is commonly based on teachings from the Torah, and it is supplemented by traditional oral texts including the Talmud and Mishnah.

Islam is founded on the Quran that Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad. Lastly, Christianity is based on the Bible that contains the Ten Commandments revealed by God to Moses.

Byrne (2011) opines that in Islam, God is usually referred to as Allah, and all believers are supposed to adhere to His teachings to remain holy in their lives.

In Judaism, God is usually called Yahweh or Elohim.

However, it did not readily spread to other parts of the world and tended to be confined in the Middle East. Islam within Judaism and Christianity, a voice from the past: Shedding light on the unity between the Torah, Gospel, and the Quran scriptures.

On the other hand, Lassner (2012) is of the view that Islam was established by Muhammad in 622 CE in Saudi Arabia, and was able to spread effectively to other parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

In Christianity, God may also be appealed to as Yahweh or Holy Trinity depending on the subscription to Catholicism or Pentecostal churches.

Therefore, these religions are similar in their belief in the existence of one God, who needs to be respected by all believers.


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