Internet Assigned Numbers

Major activities performed by ICANN are: ICANN maintains a community consisting of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), registries, registrars, commercial and business entities, representatives of governments and individual internet users who provide inputs and suggestions for better Internet governance.

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IANA administers the top-level hierarchy, the DNS root zone, for efficient transfer of data between computers.

It operates '.int' top-level domain for international organizations and '.arpa' zone for Internal Protocols and root servers.

It contracts with registries and registrars for improving domain name system. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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IANA is what ensures you see the WIRED website when you type "" into your browser. From to 1988 to 1998, IANA was managed entirely by two people: Jon Postel and Joyce Reynolds.

In recent months, many voices have complained about this change, including Senator Ted Cruz, a former Republication presidential candidate, and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, claiming it would undermine the Internet as we know it. Very little will change after Saturday's handover. That changed shortly before Postel's death, when the Department of Commerce created ICANN and granted it a contract to manage IANA.

And now that ICANN owns IANA, we don't have to worry about the arguments from Cruz and Trump. Apparently, Trump was feeding off a recent column from L.

Gordon Crovitz, where former publisher argued that ICANN would team up with the UN in order to keep its antitrust exemption.

It coordinates the Internet Protocol addressing systems (IP), commonly known as IP Addresses, which are used for routing internet traffic.

Another function is to allocate the Autonomous System (AS) numbers to Regional Internet Registries according to their needs and document the protocol assignments made by the IETF.


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