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Majors in the field can join dozens of student groups and industry organizations as well as participate in a number of STEM-themed activities on campus.

And thanks to UMN's large size, its computational research program has the funding to explore some exciting projects.

As you earn your accredited computer science degree at Carleton, you can participate in on- and off-campus social events, represent the school in programming contests, join a student group (including Lovelace, which promotes gender diversity in the field), and more. At the master's level, Brandeis has offers two particularly compelling options alongside its more traditional M. It's a great way to prepare yourself for graduate-level work Рand add a few notable lines to your r̩sum̩ while you're at it!

The degree includes ample electives in areas like cognitive science and computational biology and culminates in a team-based capstone project. ROI: $375,000Website Earning an accredited bachelor of computer science at Amherst requires more than just learning how to code.

For example, you could pair a CS major with something practical (business or mathematics) or with something more unlikely, like theatre or women's studies.

And this college's commitment to a well-rounded, diversified education pays off.In fact, employers frequently comment on graduates' versatile – and in some cases unexpected – skill sets.ROI: 7,500Website USC offers undergrads earning an accredited bachelor of computer science access to a global leader in R&D: the Information Sciences Institute.But if you really want to maximize your earnings as a computer tech professional, you should consider attending one of these high-ROI universities.For this ranking, we focused on public and private (non-profit) colleges and universities that offer bachelor's degrees in computer science.And if you're itching to spend some time outside the school's Minnesota campus, study-abroad programs in Budapest and Copenhagen might appeal. In addition to programming fundamentals, you'll develop broad problem-solving skills and an ability to communicate your solutions effectively.ROI: 2,000Website With its unique degree options, Brandeis stands out as one of the best computer science schools in the country. This focus on big-picture learning helps graduates become valuable employees, capable of devising creative solutions to complex problems.As an undergrad, your work might not be quite so weighty, but you'll still have a chance to perform directed research with a faculty member of your choice.You and your instructor will work together to design your project and to decide on an appropriate method of evaluation at its conclusion. program in partnership with the School of Engineering. (the latter is an interdisciplinary program that features a customizable course list).First, we sought to identify the strongest computer science degrees by collecting data in three categories.In each of these categories, we then created a minimum threshold requirement.


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