I Am A Cripple Nancy Mairs Essay

I Am A Cripple Nancy Mairs Essay-11
,” this adapts a sarcastic tone, but it still gets across the point that “handicapped” cannot properly describe her condition.An accepting statement she uses is in the third paragraph when she makes a point, but doesn’t attempt to control the audience.Mairs explains some of the physical effects multiple sclerosis has had on her, but she spends as much time celebrating the abilities she has retained.

,” this adapts a sarcastic tone, but it still gets across the point that “handicapped” cannot properly describe her condition.

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In Mairs’s second paragraph, for example, she states “And I certainly don’t like “handicapped.

” which implies that I have deliberately been put at a disadvantage, by whom I can’t imagine...

While tackling a serious topic that has the potential to make audiences uncomfortable, Mairs carefully intermingles playful banter and the wisdom that dealing with her condition has helped her to develop.

Though she is brutally honest when describing the difficulties of being a cripple, she makes a point of reflecting on the humorous and enlightening moments that have come about as a result of her progressive multiple sclerosis.

Instead, she accepts her condition, makes the most of it, and wears the title on her back with pride.

She also says “Perhaps I want them to wince,” showing the audience that she purposely uses the word cripple knowing people will look at her as if she was using an offensive term.

” Instead of talking about them in the way that society today would, she talks about how degrading they are.

In her second paragraph she talks about how disabled and handicapped do not fit her condition according to exact definition.

She uses the word, or a form of the word, “cripple” eight times in the three paragraphs of her essay and with every use it becomes increasingly less shocking.

She does this because she wants the audience to see that with repetition comes acceptance.


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