Human Trafficking Literature Review

Human Trafficking Literature Review-56
Preparedness to Identify and Care for Trafficked Persons in South Carolina Hospitals: A State-Wide Exploration. Arun Kumar Acharya (2019): Prevalence of violence against indigenous women victims of human trafficking and its implications on physical injuries and disabilities in Monterrey city, Mexico, Health Care for Women International, DOI: 10.1080/07399332.2018.1564612 Barnert, E., Kelly, M., Godoy, S., Abrams, L. Understanding Commercially Sexually Exploited Young Women’s Access to, Utilization of, and Engagement in Health Care:“Work Around What I Need”.

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Multi-level prevention of human trafficking: the role of health care professionals. Stanford, K., Cappetta, A., Ahn, R., & Macias-Konstantopoulos, W. Sex and labor trafficking in Paraguay: risk factors, needs assessment, and the role of the health care system.

Maternity care for trafficked women: Survivor experiences and clinicians’ perspectives in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. Ottisova, L., Smith, P., Shetty, H., Stahl, D., Downs, J., & Oram, S. Psychological consequences of child trafficking: An historical cohort study of trafficked children in contact with secondary mental health services.

Measures for evaluating sex trafficking aftercare and support services: A systematic review and resource compilation.

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Psychiatry’s Role in the Management of Human Trafficking Victims: An Integrated Care Approach.

Challenging the Dominant Frame: The Moderating Impact of Exposure and Knowledge on Perceptions of Sex Trafficking Victimization.

Raising awareness alone is not sufficient to prevent human trafficking. The impact of childhood abuse on the commercial sexual exploitation of youth: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Examining Commonly Reported Sex Trafficking Indicators From Practitioners’ Perspectives: Findings From a Pilot Study Lara B.

A Theory Based Didactic Offering Physicians a Method for Learning and Teaching Others About Human Trafficking. Basson, D., Langs, J., Acker, K., Katz, S., Desai, N., & Ford, J. Psychotherapy for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children: A Guide for Community-Based Behavioral Health Practitioners and Agencies. White Paper: Preventing Human Trafficking Using Data-driven, Community-based Strategies, an outcome of the Congressional Briefing, “Preventing Human Trafficking: Research on How to Stop Trafficking Before It Starts” November 2, 2017.

Identifying and Addressing the Healthcare Needs of Women Survivors of Sex Trafficking: A Qualitative Analysis of the Barriers and Facilitators to Self-Efficacy for Primary Care Providers (Master’s Thesis).

UK medical education on human trafficking: assessing uptake of the opportunity to shape awareness, safeguarding and referral in the curriculum.


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