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The company wants to implement a workforce reduction in a legally defensible, humane manner, while providing outgoing staff with appropriate job search support and managing remaining staff morale and productivity.

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Rules lay down that, at least, two individuals must be on duty irrespective of their seniority or specialisation. when one community has a festival, the workers from the other community man the workshop and vice versa. Your day of trial dawned when it came to light that on Friday next, both the communities claim to be their religious day.

The workshop is manned by an equal number of individuals of the two communities, Alfa and Beta. Both the communities want the other community to perform the duty on that day.

The attitudes of both the parties are hardening and the last discussions had ended as a war of words. Ajay has been absent for the last one month , your duty is to go to Mr. Ajay,s house find the reason and report it to me before 5.

You do not want to damage the good relations between the two communities built over the years but still have to solve the problem. Solve this case using following method: Give all the possible solutions available for the case along with advantage and disadvantage for each solution. Bhat, Human Resource Manager of IVS Group of companies approached the CEO on 30th march, 2007 and apprised him of the absence of Mr. Ajay,s house, find out the reason and solve the problem of Mr.

This large, international manufacturer employs highly specialized and skilled technical employees in their Research & Development group.

Following the acquisition of a former competitor and relocation of numerous new employees to the corporate office, lab space was tight. We treat the employees as human being and members of the company’s family. Ajay became emotional and touched the feet of the CEO. Bhat:”Problems of our employees are the company’s problems. Roles and responsibilities of their staff were changing as well.Skills that were once paramount to the company’s success were no longer required and some employees were asked to take on new roles requiring new skills.The organization has had significant financial concerns over the last few years and was in great transition.They came to HR Partners to help them in clearly identifying markets, then visualizing and reorganizing their entire NA Sales Operations – in 90 days. , 31st March 2007 and requested the doctor to conduct the surgery for Ajay’s wife tomorrow itself. 1,00,000 in favour of the hospital and also pay Rs. A of Alfa community, are a newly appointed manager of a workshop, which has been categorised as an essential service. Ajay has been in distress as he has been trying to mobilise Rs. This means that the workshop must function on all the days. The new leader is reported to be very Whimsical (unusual), though very good at heart. 1,00,000 for the surgery of his sick wife in a reputed hospital in Chennai.


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