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when the boy’s mother excludes her from school events. (And so on.) Can you see how these beats link together to form the arc?

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At first, I thought the desire line for my book about my relationship with my teenager was, “I wanted to keep my daughter safe”—but then I realized that was more about her than it was about me. You try a lot of different things to solve your problem, with mixed results.

The desire line must be one that makes the story about you. You have setbacks, you make mistakes and you push on, until you either get what you wanted, or you don’t, or you stop wanting it, or whatever.

Only you can tell the story that you've been given, and other people's lives will be enriched for it.

It was as if I decided to build a house and just started nailing together boards without giving a thought to blueprints.

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Together, they cited information from 6 references.Take it from me: You don’t want to write a poor-me book.The best memoirs show how human beings change under pressure, not just the bad things that can happen to people. If you marry a doctor who turns out to be a crook, that’s not change. If you marry a doctor who turns out to be a crook, and you knew all along something was wrong—those unexplained phone calls, a repossessed Porsche—then you have a story to tell.Even so, it’s his original desire that drives his character to that unexpected conclusion.Don’t expect to come up with your desire line immediately: It’s not that easy. (And so on.) In your memoir, remember that you are the action hero.If that happens, revisit your desire line until a clearer, more action-driven story arc presents itself.It could also be that you’re having a hard time identifying actions and obstacles because you’re writing a victim book, in which something bad has happened to you, and all you can do is react, rather than act.In my case, I had to keep searching until I found the right desire line: “I wanted to be a good mother.” Make your desire line as specific as you can. Begin planning your story arc by jotting down a list of actions and obstacles: I wanted ______________(the desire line). For this reason, the obstacles in your book are just as important as the actions.Avoid vague desires like, “I wanted to be loved,” or, “I wanted to belong”—they’re too general simply because everybody wants those things. Once you have the desire line, you can lay out the events of your book. Obstacles are often external: other people (the nurse who got herself written into your mother’s will), bad luck, natural disasters and so How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high quality standards. A memoir is a way to touch at the heart of emotion and allow it to be shared with others.If they are not written down, the intimate details may soon be forgotten.


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