How To Solve A Proportion Word Problem

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Once again, we have a real world problem that we can use proportions to solve.

First, we need to construct our proportion, so we need two ratios. This gives us two quantities to put together in a ratio. A proportion is an equation in which two ratios are set equal to one another, and a ratio is a fraction comparing two quantities.

Yes, you can solve an incorrectly set up equation and find an answer.

You can also mix rice and water together to create "food" to serve at Thanksgiving.

The unknown here is the amount of money you'll make for 31 hours of work.

Let's call the unknown x, and set up another ratio comparing these two quantities.A proportion is an equation that sets two ratios equal to each other, where a ratio is a fraction comparing two different values.Let's take a look at how to find an unknown in a proportion.To cross multiply, take the first fraction's numerator and multiply it by the second fraction's denominator.Then take the second fraction's numerator and multiply it by the first fraction's denominator.The recipe calls for 2 cups of water and 1 cup of dry rice.On Sunday, you are going to serve rice to 12 people. If you’ve ever made rice, you know that this ratio—1 part dry rice and 2 parts water—is important.Lastly, we can use the proportion to solve for the unknown.Suppose you are baking cookies for an upcoming event.Suppose you recently got a job, and you just received your first paycheck. Next week, you are scheduled to work 31 hours, and you are wondering how much your paycheck for that week will be.The answer to this question can be found using proportions.


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